Superman vs Batman and now there is Mustang

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With the upcoming release of the sure to be blockbuster hit, Superman vs Batman it is interesting to read that Mustang (as in the iconic Ford Mustang) is more popular. Well as a password choice that is.
A recent study conducted by SplashData identified that “Mustang” is the 16th most common password used on the internet surpassing both “Superman” (21st place) and “Batman” (24th place). Mustang was the only car to appear in the top 25 most common internet passwords.
At CarHq we understand why people choose their iconic cars as passwords, however, we along with Ford recommend the following suggestions in order to strengthen your password:

  • Add numbers to your password (favourite model year, year you bought your orĀ sold the car)
  • Incorporate carĀ option codes, paint codes, engine codes or digits from your VIN
  • Create acronyms for modifications made to your car i.e. with a Mustang (FRSC, for Ford Racing SuperCharger, for example)
  • Include your favorite driving road or road trip destination

Mustang Password


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