Women know best.

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Women know bestWomen Know Best: When writing that next article on the latest automotive release we at CarHq.com.au need to take note of the results of a recent survey which indicates that 85% of all car purchase decisions are made by women and that 60% of all new car purchases are to women.

The survey, conducted on behalf of www.autochic.com.au , indicated that women when making a decision to purchase a car will conduct their research at the following locations:

1. Online at a female-friendly car website – 42%

2. Online at a car company’s website – 33%

3. Asking friends and family – 10%

4. Auto section of the newspaper – 7%

5. In a magazine – 3%

6. Asking the local dealership – 3%

7. Online at a ‘blokey’ website (carsales, Carsguide, Drive, etc.) – 2%.

It is evident that the female consumer is seeking sites which are relevant to their needs rather than the traditional blokey offering.

We at Carhq.com.au strive to write articles which are fun, reader friendly, relevant and caters for the needs of the everyday person, just like us. So if we ever wander away from this ideal just send us an email admonishing us and we will get back on track. Women Know Best

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